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Kod producenta: 8809685629863

Producent: Spigen

Stan produktu: nowy

Spigen Glass FC - a very durable and thin (0.3 mm) tempered glass for the screen of your Samsung Galaxy A71, which thanks to its multi-layer structure guarantees reliable protection during falls. In addition, it is covered with a special nano coating that prevents fingerprints, has 2.5D profiled edges, and the hardening process lasting several hours at a temperature of 420 degrees ensures a surface strength of 9H, which means that the glass cannot be scratched by anything (knife, keys). ).

Warning! Tempered glass is cut only to the flat part of the display with a convex structure, based on a die prepared by the phone manufacturer. Due to the variety of edge milling, a delicate air halo may form after installing the product on the screen.

The glass has the widest Case Friendly punch possible, which means it will be compatible with most housings on the market and with any Spigen housing.

* The glass has the widest possible Case Friendly punch, which means it will be compatible with most enclosures on the market and with any enclosure from Spigen.
** Due to the various milling of the edges of the displays, after installing the protective film / glass on the screen, a delicate air halo may form around the screen. This is a natural situation and depends on the screen itself.

Check how to mount glass:

1) Begin installation in the bathroom right after bathing - the steam will absorb all the dust from the atmosphere and it will not disturb your installation.
2) Thoroughly clean and degrease the screen surface, then use a dry cloth to polish it to a shine.
3) Install the coating as evenly as possible - you can position it using two sheets of tape, sticking them to the side of the device.
4) Get rid of air bubbles by firmly pressing the whole thing with circular movements for several dozen seconds. Do this so that the adhesive layer adheres to the screen as much as possible.

Product features:

100% original
Packed in the original packaging
9H hardness
2.5D milled edges nice to touch
Extra oleophobic layer
Perfect transparency
It does not affect the functionality of the touch
Dimensions: 158x70mm

Set contains:

1 x Spigen Glass FC
1 x Microfiber cloth
1 x cloth soaked in alcohol
1 x Dust Removal Ribbon

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